Hollywood Red Carpet Event

Ant Farm Media, Inc. was contacted to provide a photo booth at a red carpet event in Orlando, Florida during the 35th Annual IHRSA Trade Show.  RTVA contacted Ant Farm Media, Inc. to provide the a photo booth that gave the feel that you were walking the red carpet at a Hollywood premiere.

Ant Farm Media Crew

Ant Farm Media Crew

We knew exactly what to provide to give them the best possible event to engage their guests and make them feel like they were a part of something special!  So we brought a Red Carpet Package to accentuate our photo booth and created a Step and Repeat backdrop to promote the main sponsors of the event!  It wouldn’t be a photo booth without props, so we brought along a ton of fun Hollywood themed props, as well as just fun props to be silly with!

The first ladies to grace our photo booth

The first ones to grace our photo booth that night

The night started out pretty tame, but soon the props came through in full swing and we ended up printing out almost 200 photos!

Some funny photos were taken!

Some funny photos were taken (note the mini academy awards! We said Hollywood themed and we brought Hollywood Themed!!)




Hollywood Props were a hit!

Hollywood Props were a hit!







It wouldn't be complete without a horsehead photo or 2!

It wouldn’t be complete without a horsehead photo or 2! And, ACTION!




Thank you to RTVA and Epsilon for having us for your event! It was a great success, and thank you to Club39 for being so hospitable!





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