Student Athlete Highlight Reel

Over the past year, Ant Farm Media has been contacted to edit together Highlight reels for student athletes in varying sports. The students are searching for something different to send to college and university coaches so each coach is able to see what these athletes are capable of, without having to sift through hours of video and therefore separating them from the competition.

Ant Farm Media has put together 3 different highlight reels over the past year, and was recently contacted to create another one.

This is the kind of work we love to do, because we specialize in helping people through our craft, and this allows us to help students achieve their goals by editing together the best of all of their performances on the track, field and court.

Sydney and Shelby Smith

High School track runners Sydney and Shelby Smith during an interview

Tracy Smith, a client who hired Ant Farm Media to create specialized “Meet and Greet” videos and “Highlight” videos for her two track star daughters, Sydney and Shelby, was overjoyed with the work Ant Farm Media delivered to her.

“Ant Farm Media is one of the most professional and amazing, cutting edge companies that I have ever used.  I will always recommend them to all of my friends and family.”

-Tracy Smith


Alexi Cortez Highlight Clip

A clip from Alexi Cortez’s soccer highlight video

Our most recent client, Alexi Cortez, is a high school soccer player from the Tampa, Florida area who came to Ant Farm Media for his highlight reel.  He sought to have us edit his clips and highlight him in an exciting and engaging way so he could stand apart from others. We made sure we did this, and more, by adding a complimentary customized intro/outro animation that says his name, weight and height to better describe Alexi to his viewers.  The fast paced music track doesn’t hurt, either!

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