Video Marketing Gives You Show Instead of just Tell


Orange County Video Production

On-site at Rio Hondo College for the second installation video we filmed for Impact

Example: Impact Modular Leasing, Inc. of Merced California

WEBSITE MARKETING – DID YOU KNOW? 83.5% of people who are searching for something on the internet will spend fewer than 15 seconds on your website.

So, if you’re still reading this – here’s what it means: your client needs to know exactly what your service is or what your product does in the first one to two sentences – or 7 to 15 seconds.  A goldfish has an attention span of 9 seconds.

Life is tough. Marketing is tougher.

What’s the answer? Video. Statistically – nothing is beating it right now when it comes to conversion rates and customer engagement. The statistics are fairly staggering: visitors are 144% more likely to purchase a product after seeing it on a video. Particularly when it’s a product or service that’s “out of the norm” and difficult to understand.

That’s exactly why Impact Modular Leasing, Inc. came to us – people didn’t understand their product or their service, and their conversion – or click-through rate was dismal. What is “Impact Modular?” What are they “Leasing?” People have difficulty unless you spell things out; and Impact Modular Leasing was struggling with the fact that their clients couldn’t “visualize” how a “modular portable building” worked, or how it could be – leased? You can lease a car, but a building?

Cerritos College Video Production

On-site at Cerritos College filming the first Pre-Fab install

You can see how it would be confusing. In fact, you can see how a number of businesses might be difficult to understand – or “brand” – without a video!

That’s why we feel that Impact Modular Leasing, Inc. is a terrific example of why and how video marketing can work for you where other forms and kinds of marketing won’t – especially if you happen to have a “niche” product or service, one that is unusual or unique in some way. Those kind of services and/or products really come clear when you can see them in action!

So watch this terrific video we did for them – and you’ll see what we mean. It’s a fun video – you see burly guys working a BIG piece of machinery, lifting a small building into place on a school campus – who doesn’t love big machines and guys in hard hats?

And here’s the great thing – in the first 30 seconds or so of that video customers “get” what “Impact Modular Leasing, Inc.” is – and what it does! This great company provides new, used, temporary, permanent, multi-use affordable portable and modular buildings – and transports them (via BIG machinery) to places that need them for things like office space, restrooms, classrooms. What a great idea, right?

The thing is, Impact Modular Leasing, Inc. has an excellent website – you’ll see great pictures of and read great content – and you’ll know how much easier and more affordable these building solutions can be. But that’s only if you stay on their website long enough to read it.

And we’re back where we started here: life is tough, marketing is tougher. Remember the cold harsh reality that the average client does not have the patience of a goldfish – give us a call, and look into the potential of using a video in your marketing plan.

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We use a lot of video! Here are the 2 videos we created for Impact Modular Sales and Leasing: